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Your First Reflexology Treatment

It is always such a pleasure to meet new faces and introduce you to the wonderful world of Reflexology. Your comfort is my priority and I love creating a calming space for you to come to. It's always nice to know what to expect when you are trying something new so let's jump in and see what you can expect in your first Reflexology session.

As a new client I will always be at the gate to greet you and walk you through to the treatment room. Once in the treatment room we begin with a health and wellness consultation which takes a holistic look at your current health and medical history. We discuss your focus areas for the session for example stress reduction, pain reduction, general wellbeing etc. We may discuss incorporating facial, ear or hand reflexology or just working one area alone it. It is always personalized to you.

Most sessions begin with a warming foot bath with water infused with organic rose petals, once you have had a nice soak, we will get you nice and comfortable on the massage table. It is fully adjustable so can be customized to suit- particularly handy for pregnant clients or those with injuries. You remain fully clothed apart from removing your socks. It is best to wear loose fitting pants for comfort. Blankets are offered along with the option of having a weighted eye pillow.

A foot reflexology session begins with relaxation techniques on both feet followed by a gentle and nurturing reflexology routine tailored to you. Reflexologists work to a map which places the body on the feet so every area that is worked relates to a specific body part. It is not uncommon to be told that a wave of calm was experienced while working on the toes, this is where the head and brain reflexes are found, pretty cool!

The Specialist massage techniques that are used in a reflexology session are thought to create a healing response in the body and encourages the body to move into the deeply relaxing state of rest and digest. Its important to note that although we may notice areas of congestion or imbalance it is never the role of a reflexologist to diagnose or claim to cure.

Everybody's experience is unique when receiving reflexology, but some common feedback I receive include the following.

- entering a deeply relaxing meditative state or falling asleep

- tingling sensations as energy moves through the body

- a deep feeling of relaxation through the whole body

-tension and pain eased

Really all that is required is for you to lie back and relax. I look forward to seeing you for your first session soon.

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