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"Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body"

Laura Norman 

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Reflexology is a gentle non invasive therapy that dates as far back as the Egyptian times, there is even evidence of its practice found in a tomb drawing in around 2000BC.  It is a holistic therapy  whereby the whole body can be accessed through the reflexes mapped on the feet.

Using specialist massage techniques to access the reflexes, it is possible for your reflexologist to feel for any areas that may be out of balance or congested and help to restore them to their optimum function. When we treat the whole foot it can help support the body into self healing and maintaining homeostasis within the body.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing experience which facilitates the shift into rest and digest, it is in this mode that our bodies can repair and energy can flow more easily.  When we enter this state we calm tension and stress in our bodies which in turn helps to soothe aches and pain held in the body.

Reflexology is a great addition to your wellness toolkit by including a holistic approach to long term good health. 


Reflexology should never replace conventional medicine. Reflexologists do not diagnose or claim to cure.  

What to expect in a foot reflexology session

Your treatment begins with a consultation to understand your lifestyle and medical history, any information remains confidential and your records are stored securely.


The treatment is carried out on a massage table where you remain fully clothed apart from your socks and shoes removed, it is best to wear loose fitting pants for comfort. 

Once on the table and you are comfortable and cosy I will give your feet a cleanse using hot towels and water infused with a grounding blend of chamomile, rose and kawakawa. 

Relaxation techniques are carried out on both feet followed by a gentle and nurturing reflexology routine. 

Everybody's experience is unique when receiving reflexology, but some common feedback I receive include the following 

- entering a deeply relaxing meditative state or falling asleep

- tingling sensations as energy moves through the body

- a deep feeling of relaxation through the whole body

​All that is required is for you to lie back and relax.  

'Thank you Hollie, for a beautiful reflexology experience.  I felt at ease with your caring and friendly nature.  The moment i walked into your treatment room i felt i had left all my cares behind, with the cozy tranquil atmosphere surrounding me.  It did not take me long to feel extremely relaxed once my treatment had started. 

Your gentle touch and knowledge of therapeutic points to work on for my symptoms, allowed me to feel the benefits afterwards.  I had a wonderful night's sleep after the treatment. Thank you again."


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