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Welcome to Soul Therapy Reflexology 

My name is Hollie and I am a qualified reflexologist graduating from the Canterbury School of reflexology in 2021. I am a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand and member of the Southern Reflexology Group. I am qualified in the Bergman method of facial reflexology from the London School of Reflexology and have a certificate in Mindful Reflexology. 

A holistic approach to health has always been a passion of mine and I am continually blown away by the incredible benefits reflexology has provided to not only me, but all my wonderful clients. 

I have a relaxing home clinic space and currently have availability for daytime appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays and evenings. I’d love to hear from you should you have any questions or want to learn more.



Hollie is an extremely gifted reflexologist. Having had a lot of reflexology over the years I was really impressed, instantly at ease and felt the benefits of her treatments. I’d highly recommend her as a practitioner, and having a series of treatments. Your feet and body will thank you! Her skills are equally matched with her beautiful persona. Thanks for doing what you do


Thank you so much for the beautiful treatment.  I usually struggle to relax in massages and that sort of thing so I couldn't believe just how deeply relaxed I was so quickly , it's amazing!

As an overthinker it was so nice to just completely zone out and lose track of time.  I definitely felt the toxins releasing the rest of the day and the next morning and I felt a noticeable improvement in my anxiety over the weekend too.  I'm addicted and can't wait to come back! 


Had the most nurturing reflexology treatment from Hollie, she's just amazing at what she does.  I felt so light and calm during the session.  Remember to ask for the endocrine balance.  You become totally aligned and blissed out during it. I can't wait for my next session as i have neglected my poor hard working feet for years.  I felt how much magic that happened within the body just by some gentle touch and softening of Hollie's caring hands.  I have HAPPY FEET now! Thank you so much!! 


I have noticed such a difference since the start of my treatments, especially in my anxiety levels. I have felt a lot less anxious and my energy levels have increased significantly. My body feels more balanced too, which has improved my mood.


During the treatments i feel a deep sense of relaxation and comfort, and that evening i always have the best sleep of the week. Thank you Hollie!


Seeing Hollie for my reflexology treatments has been life changing for me.  Every treatment is a reset, I lay on the treatment bed and my mind just switches off and i'm asleep within minutes.  Hollie makes the whole experience so special she is right in her element she makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. I have noticed a huge difference in my physical and mental well being from making these treatments part of my routine


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